It’s Frankentoys Time Again!

Next Tuesday at 1:00, when the kids are out of school, we’re having our second annual FRANKENTOYS event! We will have stuffed animal/doll parts to put together, plus (not scary) Halloween movies and snacks. The “tools” the kids/teens use to put their creatures together will depend on their skill levels….there will be needles and thread, duct tape, safety pins etc. If your child needs a lot of help, please send them with a teen or adult, as we will probably have a large group to assist.

If you have stuffies or dolls that you no longer need/want, we’d love to take them! You can drop them off in the entryway or city hall if the library isn’t open. Or, if a high schooler you know needs community service, send them our way! It takes a village, THANK YOU!

Here are some pictures from last year’s event:

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