2019 Summer Reading Schedule

June 1, Saturday, 10:30am: Summer Reading Kick-Off. Sign up begins. We will have refreshments and door prizes while learning about the Summer Reading Program.

June 4, Tuesday, 10am: Preschool Storytime – The Moon. Stories, treats, movement, songs, and more.

June 5, Wednesday, 3pm: Rockets, Part 1. Learn about rockets and make your own. Stay tuned for Part 2.

June 6, Thursday, 3pm: LEGO Day. Show us what you can do with a mountain of LEGOs.

June 6, Thursday, 4:30pm: Dungeons and Dragons Group. Never played? No problem. We will help you with the rules.

June 7, Friday, 3:00pm: Galaxy Slime. Make your own slime to take home. We will have add-ins to make it yours.

June 11, Tuesday, 10am: Preschool Storytime – Pete the Cat, Out of This World. Stories, treats, movement, songs, and more.

June 12, Wednesday, 3pm: Painted Planets. Celebrate the Universe with this fun activity.

June 13, Thursday, 3pm: Spaceship Bookmarks. Mark your place with these awesome bookmarks that you make yourself!

June 13, 4:30pm: Dungeons and Dragons Group. New players are always welcome.

June 14, Friday, 3pm: Bingo. Prizes, prizes, Prizes!

June 14, Friday, 6pm: Late Night Movie. Refreshments will be provided. Call for movie information.

June 15, Saturday, 10:30am: Cardboard Creations. Build a spaceship, a fort, a house or anything you want with cardboard and simple fasteners. Make it a family activity, if you like.

June 18, Tuesday, 10:00am: Preschool Storytime – Stars. Stories, treats, movement, songs, and more.

June 19, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Aliens Craft. We will make our own alien creations with simple materials.

June 20, Thursday, 3:00pm: Just Tape It Up! Making with Duct Tape. Choose your project and we supply the duct tape.

June 20, Thursday, 4:30pm: Dungeons and Dragons Group. New players are always welcome.

June 21, Friday, 3pm: Galaxy Rocks! Paint and creativity make these creations your own.

June 25, Tuesday, 10:00am: Preschool Storytime – Rockets. Stories, treats, movement, songs, and more.

June 26, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Egg Drop. We supply materials, including eggs. Can you keep yours from breaking?

June 26, Wednesday, 6:30pm: Library Board Meeting.

June 27, Thursday, 3:00pm: Breakout, Library Edition. It is a mystery. Can you solve it within the time limit?

June 27, Thursday, 4:30pm: Dungeons and Dragons Group. New players are always welcome.

June 28, Friday, 3:00pm: Galaxy Painting. Create your own painting, worthy of hanging in your room.

June 28, Friday, 6:00-8:00pm: Late Night at the Library – Board Games. Refreshments.

July 2, Tuesday, 10:00am: Preschool Storytime – Aliens. Stories, treats, movement, songs, and more.

July 3, Wednesday, 3:00pm: LEGO Day. Use your creativity to complete a challenge or make something uniquely yours.

July 4, Thursday: We are CLOSED for Independence Day.

July 5, Friday, 3:00pm: Rockets, Part 2. Back with more rockets for you to make.

July 5, Friday, 6:00pm: Movie Night. This movie will be rated PG-13. Anyone younger than 13 must have their parent sign a permission form to attend the movie. Call for movie information. Refreshments will be served.

July 9, Tuesday, 10:00am: Preschool Storytime – Astronauts. Stories, treats, movement, songs, and more.

July 10, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Star Wars Experience. Action, Adventure, and Lots More!

July 11, Thursday, 3:00pm: Spa Day. Potions and lotions to pamper or give as gifts.

July 11, Thursday, 4:30pm: Dungeons and Dragons Group. New players are always welcome.

July 12, Friday, 3:00: Water Games. Prepare to get wet at the library.

July 13, Saturday, 10:30am: Create Your Own Galaxy. We will learn about planets and create art to hang in your room.

July 16, Tuesday, 10:00am: Preschool Storytime – Shining Star. Stories, treats, movement, songs, and more.

July 17, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Virtual Reality Viewer. Learn how to put together a viewer for a cell phone and see things as you never have seen them before.

July 18, Thursday, 3:00pm: Bingo @ The Library. Prizes, prizes, prizes!

July 18, Thursday, 4:30pm: Dungeons and Dragons Group. New players are always welcome.

July 19, Friday, 3:00pm: Movie Madness. Refreshments will be provided. Call for movie information.

July 23, Tuesday, 10:00am: Preschool Storytime – Rhyme Time. Stories, treats, movement, songs, and more.

July 24, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Aliens Among Us! Join us as we make our own unique aliens.

July 25, Thursday, 3:00pm: Space Experience. Learn what it is like to walk like an astronaut, try space food and more.

July 25, Thursday, 4:30pm: Dungeons and Dragons Group. New players are always welcome.

July 26, Friday, 3:00pm: It’s a Wrap! End of Summer Reading Party. Refreshments will be served. Grand prize drawings at 4:00pm. Door prizes.

July 31, Wednesday, 6:30pm: Library Board Meeting.

Inclement Weather Policy

When the weather is bad, we really try to be open. However, there may be weather we are unable to overcome and, as a result, the library is forced to close for the day. If school is cancelled or the streets are really bad, please call before you make a trip to your library. In addition, if your children are at the library, make sure they have a contact phone number for a responsible adult. If the weather declines, they need to be able to contact someone for a ride. In the end, we want everyone to be safe. You are important to us.

Total Boox

Available exclusively for mobile devices, Total Boox is a service provided by the State Library of Kansas. It give users the ability to download free ebooks. It take moments to set up and you can load as many books as you like to your Kindle Fire, Android, or Apple device.

To use this great service, you need to contact us for a free Kansas Library Card number. From there, you download the app for your device and make your selections. Titles range from Minecraft guides to adult fiction/nonfiction. It is amazing how many titles are available, with no limits. They stay on your device until you decide otherwise.

Not only does your Kansas Library Card number provide you access to this service, but also online encyclopedias, genealogy databases, children’s ebooks, audiobooks, health information and more. Check it out at kslib.info. You can only access the resources with a Kansas Library Card number, but you are free to browse to see if it is right for you.

Remember, these services belong to you, as a Kansas resident, paid for with your state and federal tax dollars.


HOOPLA updates

Are you using HOOPLA? It is a service, accessible by using your library card. that lends movies, ebooks, music downloads and more. Recently, they added the ebook portion of this experience, along with DC comic books. To download two free items per month, go to hoopladigital.com. Set up an account by choosing the Nortonville Public LIbrary as your home library. You will need your library card number, as well as the 4 digit pin you chose when your account was set up. If you have forgotten this information, please stop by the library and we will be happy to help.  To work, your account must be in good standing.

eBooks and Audiobooks

Use a Kansas library card number, available from your local library, to download free ebooks and audiobooks from the Kansas State Library. Simply go to www.kslc.org and choose from OneClickdigital Audiobooks, Freading ebooks, Tumblebooks ebooks for children or 3M Cloud Library ebooks. These resources are free to any Kansas resident. For more information, contact your local library.

Kansas State Library Resources

The Kansas State Library offers numerous databases and online resources for residents of Kansas, all available for free, at www.kslc.org. A Kansas library card number, from your local library, is required to access them from your personal computer.  The current list includes:

Academic Search Premier
Applied Science & Technology Abstracts
Art Abstracts
Art Full Text
Education Abstracts
Fuente Academica
Legal Collection
Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection
Religion and Philosophy Collection
Auto Repair Reference Center
Business Source Premier
Computer Source
Professional Development Collection
Small Business Reference Center
Regional Business News
Library Literature & Information Science Index
MAS Ultra
MasterFILE Premier
Vocational & Career Collection
Consumer Health Complete
Alternative Health Watch
Health Source: Consumer Edition
European Views of the Americas (1493-1750)
History Reference Center
Military & Government Collection
Middle Search Plus
Primary Search
Teacher Reference Center
Literary Reference Center
Newspaper Source Plus
Health Source: Nursing/Academic
Medica Latina
NoveList Plus
Book Collection Non-fiction (elementary school edition)
Book Collection Non-fiction (full edition)
Book Collection Non-fiction (high school edition)
Book Collection Non-fiction (middle school edition)
Britannica Online Academic Edition
Britannica Online School Edition
Britannica Online Public Library Edition
Spanish Reference Center
LearningExpress Library
Job & Career Accelerator
Mango Languages
Nursing & Allied Health Source
Genealogy Connect
Kansas History, Territorial through Civil War Years, 1854-1865
Virtual Reference Library

Thriving in Tough Times

The State Library of Kansas has compiled several helpful internet tools for employment, finances, housing, health families and seniors. These resources are available at http://thrivingintoughtimes.wordpress.com. This virtual library will help you with everything from rental property disputes to locating a good childcare facility.

Book Review: Creep by Jennifer Hillier

CREEP (207x320)Jennifer Hillier makes her fiction debut with Creep, a thriller sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Dr. Sheila Tao, professor of psychology, doesn’t know what she is in for when she ends a months long affair with her teaching assistant, Ethan Wolfe. Newly engaged to an investment banker, Sheila’s conscience steers her toward this decision. Ethan isn’t accustomed to being turned down and his obsession with her grows. A cat-and-mouse game begins with blackmail and threats. While evading Ethan’s determined will, one of her students is found stabbed to death. Can she escape his clutches without her colleagues or her fiance’ discovering her most intimate secrets?

At first, you might believe you know where this novel is going, but don’t write it off so easily. The surprising end has an unexpected twist. So, cancel your plans and settle in because this book is difficult to put down.

Book Review: Trapped by Michael Northrop

Reviewed by Marjorie Belveal for Young Adults

Scotty, a fifteen year old sophomore has two thing on his mind, Krista and basketball, and attends high school in the middle of nowhere. As the snow starts falling in the morning, students wait for school to be cancelled. This does not happen and by the time school dismisses for the day,  there were blizzard conditions. At the end of the day, seven students waited for rides from their parents, including Scotty. No one came for them. There was no cell phone service, lights, heat or water. This is a story of seven people, not really friends, coming together to survive. It was as if no one knew they were there. With Scotty telling this story, I felt as if I was there with them. At the end, I felt there were some issues left unsolved, but I liked the book because the students were able to work together with minimal disagreements.

Book Review: The Last Song

 By Megan Domann

    When a rebellious teenager, Ronnie, and her little brother, Jonah, are forced to visit her dad for the summer it creates a story of love, forgiveness, and heart-breaking sadness that will have you crying over the pages. Ronnie has felt a strong hatred for her dad since her parent’s divorce, as well as hating the fact of being  with her dad for the summer. But soon Ronnie realizes what’s important in life. She grows and learns from her experiences of the summer. This is what makes this book by Nicholas Sparks worth reading.    

    I very much recommend this book to all teenagers and adults. This book is indeed a good read, a book you could sit down and read for hours. I love this book, though it is sad, at the same time it is very romantic and loving. This book is full  of good humor and fun-loving romantic situations. I feel this book will be enjoyable to all who read it.

    Nicholas Sparks has created a book full of truly real characters in real life situations. Within the pages of this book, Ronnie learns to love and to be loved, and to cherish life. Her summer with her dad and brother, changes her forever and for the better.
    I very much recommend this book. I don’t expect that this loving book would disappoint anyone. The Last Song is definitely a book worth reading.