Don’t Miss This Week!

We have so much going on this week or our last week of summer reading!!

TUESDAY: 10am mermaid storytime!

1:30- The Exploration Place is coming from Wichita to teach us all about bioluminescence, marine life, and all kinds of cool stuff! Geared toward K-12 grades but younger kids can watch and then play or have adult help with the E.P. activities!

WEDNESDAY: 6:30 pm Library Board meeting, open to the public

THURSDAY: 3pm We’re making Pirate and Mermaid wands!


11am will be the Teen Grand Prize Auction. Get your bid sheets in if you can’t be there!

1pm is our Tie Dye Extravaganza, open to everyone! Come make a colorful tie-dye shirt to wear all year long.

4pm: We’re pulling names out of the ticket jars for the grand prizes, and we’ll have treats for everyone!

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