Book Recommendations and Curbside Pickup!

I love getting book recommendations for my kids. Sometimes it’s just hard to get them to read if they’re not quite interested enough to choose something themselves or it feels too much like “homework”, and sometimes they’d rather just go straight to video games or whatever.

So, if you’re anything like me, and would love help finding your kids’ new favorite read, I’m here for you!

Send me a message on Facebook, call us during business hours at 913-886-2060, or send an email to with your kids’ reading levels and interests, and I’ll “personal shop” the library for you! I’ll choose 4-5 books at a time for each child that I think they’ll love. If they do, fantastic! If they don’t, well it’s a free service and we’ll try, try again. We’ll even bring them out to the parking lot for you if you’d like curbside pickup.

We’re here for you at the Nortonville library!
~Greta Funk, director

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