Playing For Pizza By John Grishman

This book is  about a football player who has been severely injured while playing in a USA league. After he recovers, no team here will hire him. He finds a team in Italy. This story is about the difficulties in the way the game is played, they play for love of the game, not money. He also has to adjust to a new way of life with people he cannot understand and they cannot understand him. There is a love interest, but the story is football. This is not like most Grisham books I have read. More human interest. Reading level: Adult

Vendetta by Fern Michaels

This is a story of seven young women who have had really bad things happen to them. They band together with Myra, an older woman who lost her pregnant daughter to a hit and run driver. This is a story of love and support for each other, but also about revenge. This story deals with the driver who killed Myra’s daughter. While some of it was a little unsettling to me, it is well written and held my interest until the end. There is a book for each of the women and I plan to read them all. I recommend Vendetta.  Reading level: Adult

Book Review-Miss Daisy Is Crazy by Dan Gutman

What do you get when you cross a student who hates school and a teacher who doesn’t know anything? You find the first book in the “My Weird School” series. Miss Daisy Is Crazy follows the adventures of A.J. a second grade student who hates school. Together he and his friends make a pact to forever hate school, convince their classmates that their teacher Miss Daisy is an imposter, and attempt to buy the school in order to turn it into a video game arcade. If you want a book with lots of laughs you’ve found the right one!!

Reading level Grade 2-3.