Summer Activities June 29-July 10

June 29, Tuesday, 10am: Storytime. Join us for stories, songs, art and treats. Younger Children.

June 30, Wednesday, 6:30pm: Library Board Meeting. Everyone.

July 1, Thursday, 3pm: Bubble Pop Alligators. We’ll be using paint, bubble wrap, and other supplies to construct an alligator friend. All ages.

July 2, Friday, 3pm: Succulents. Learn all about succulents and how to care for them, then decorate a pot and plant a succulent to take home. Teens and above.

July 3, Saturday, 10am: Are You Smarter Than A Librarian? Test your animal trivia against our staff! There will be prizes, of course. All ages.

July 6, Tuesday, 10am: Storytime: Includes stories, crafts, and treats. Younger Children.

July 6, Tuesday, 6:30pm: Adult Book Club. We’ll be snacking and discussing The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo.

July 8, Thursday, 3pm: 3D Aquariums. Make your own 3D aquarium scene, complete with fish! All ages.

July 9, Friday, 3pm: Gummy Bear Keychains. Make your own gummy bear (or other animal) keychain or pendant with resin. Teens.

Summer Reading June 22-26

This week in Summer Reading:

Tuesday, June 22 at 10am — Storytime! Bring your little ones to hear stories, sing songs, do an activity, and have a snack.

Wednesday, June 23 at 6:30pm — Adult Craft Night! We’re making hanging mason jar vases. Enjoy some “me” time without the kids. Please RSVP to the event on our Facebook page, or by calling the library at 913-886-2060.

Thursday, June 24 at 3pm — It’s a Stuffed Pet Picnic and Sleepover! All ages welcome. Bring your stuffed animal for a picnic at the library, and then leave them for a pets-only sleepover. We’ll be sharing their overnight antics on our Facebook page!

Friday, June 25 at 3pm — Teens and up can use air dry clay to sculpt animals, succulent pots, or whatever their imagination can think up.

Saturday, June 26 at 10am — The Jeff Co. Humane Society will be bringing adoptable kittens to visit! All ages.

Summer Reading Activities This Week

Coming up this week for summer reading:

Thursday, June 17 at 10am — Petting Zoo! All ages welcome. Come meet, pet, and learn about real life farm animals, like ducks, chicks, and goats.

Friday, June 18 at 3pm — Teens (6th grade and above) and up can use their creativity to make their very own fairy gardens.

Saturday, June 19 at 10am — Older kids and teens, join us to create (write about and draw) your very own animal character. Maybe it’ll be the main character of your very own graphic novel, comic, or story!